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November 25, 2011

Patient Fox




We hear a dog fox being very territorial most evenings and sometimes the cats come scuttling in with their fur on end, ears back and eyes staring to the point of dropping out. We think they’ve probably encountered a fox. One of our cats is especially sensitive to any spoor in the garden. I’d say lawn but that’s stretching things a little.

I’ve only seen a fox once since I’ve been here which is interesting as our neighbours have indicated that you can’t step outside without falling over them. As far as I can see it’s not actually true that all the fields round here are knee deep in foxes, jostling to have room to sit down.  The one I saw had plenty of room. In fact I think it was waiting for me to go away or to run off itself if I got any closer. What I actually did was sit down and just look.

In the end I got stiff and chilly and went. It’s a bit lowering to realise you’ve lost a staring competition to a fox. I may have underperformed there.

It did prod me into making this panel which is just painted oak board. I think the fox corresponds pretty closely to memory.

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