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November 21, 2011










We’ve been to the Tatin museum at Cosse Le Vivien a few times  now and it’s a place where you always see something you missed on a previous visit. I love going and may have to go again before Christmas.

It’s the garden and his house that fascinate me. He used all his building skills in such a personal way to make a garden that must have reflected what he saw in his head. It’s an amazing construction  The dragon is one of my favourite bits at the moment, I change favourites with what mood I’m in.






The actual house is a work of art too.





I’ve been reading about his life and it’s interesting how he was a skilled artisan and artist . I’m constantly surprised how he fitted so much into one lifetime.

It’s definitely a place to visit for yourself if you get the opportunity. These pictures are just a hint of what it’s like. It’s fun tracing the different influences in his work.





These are a couple of paintings and a sculpture I shouldn’t have taken photos of but it was too late by the time I was told.


It’s somewhere where you can spend a whole day as the grounds are extensive and interesting as well as the actual museum and any exhibitions running. The current exhibition is brilliant but no photos.

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