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November 16, 2011

Hunting Owl


hunting owl


We are lucky enough to see both barn and tawny owls most evenings and often in the early mornings as well. I get a real kick out of seeing the tawny ghosts on patrol. They are obviously creatures of habit as they drift by at about the same time each day. The owls use our pump as a handy regurgitating post so it’s easy to collect the pellets and see what was on the menu. This sketch was from a photo that I was able to take a few days ago. I used watercolours and pastels.


Wall Bee






I’m very fond of the bees that live in our wall. Thanks very much Rog and Paul for putting in the tube so they could carry on living there and not be rendered homeless. Yes I know that’s an awful pun so sue me. I have an enduring memory of Paul, in shorts, surrounded by very peeved bees carrying on working with aplomb. This bee met an unfortunate end on our door step when he encountered one of the cats. I probably couldn’t have had such a good opportunity to sketch him if he’d been alive but it still seems a bit sad that he didn’t escape. They’re very placid and reluctant to sting. When they land on you it’s possible to scoop them onto a finger and put them somewhere else with no problem.


Sitting Hare


sitting hare


This is the original drawing that I used for the Sitting Hare series. I’ve gone on and on and on about the local hares so it would be boring to continue but I do love seeing them. I love their bony little faces and their ridiculous legs and flash of tail and the way they sometimes have a brain burp and trot up to you instead of running away.This is pencil, charcoal and watercolour. 

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