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Working with nature

November 5, 2011

Welcome to my new, first and only blog. As a techno dork I am trying really hard not to break the computer so this will be brief, even a little terse.

I suppose this is a sort of showcase for the work I’m experimenting with at the moment. As you’ve probably noticed I’m fascinated by the natural world and materials around me. I’m so lucky to live here where there’s such a rich mix of flora and fauna. Changes in the weather and seasons just rise up and smack you hard but lovingly round the face all the time.


The traditional local building materials are wood, stone and slate so there’s lots littering about in the most unlikely places.


The local clay has been used to make tomettes. Consequently there’s a huge range of colours, textures and sizes in any group, sometimes within each tile. I’m trying to find a way of making our tomettes in the hall look wet. I want them to look wet because it intensifies the colours. I think vast amounts of oil and bad language may solve the problem. I’ve got all winter to hone both techniques.

When I have an idea I want to try it flits around my brain for a bit getting more and more insistent until it’s almost physically painful to ignore. That’s when I have to do something with it or be very uncomfortable and distracted from all the sensible things I ought to be thinking about. When I start it takes on a life of its own. Sometimes even I don’t know where some things are coming from. I only know that they’ve got to be right. If there’s more than one idea zooming around (and there often is) it ‘s hard to keep up with their demands.

I blame the inspirational environment I’ve got here.

I hope that other people will enjoy my work as I’d like to think I’ve achieved more than an enormous mess for my family and friends to paddle through. See what you think.

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