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November 5, 2011





Sitting hare comes directly from the hares in the field up the lane. In the early morning they are easy to spot when the moon is still bright. I’ve been on a small mission to watch the hares as the are rapidly taking over from the lizards as obsession du jour.

I enjoy the powerful way they move, the instant acceleration and the way their coats pick up the moonlight. Again the oak board dictated the composition with all the elements from a composite of sightings. I like the overall result and the way the trees and hedge are more hinted at than defined. The use of contrasting styles delineates earth and sky in a way I wanted. It captures the feel of those mornings so the hare is well camouflaged in the foreground. I’ve used watercolour , charcoal,and oil to create the atmosphere I needed.

This was made for a friend who was very patient teaching me some of his building skills and ignored the amount of filler,paint or ton pierre surrounding us. It was designed specifically for his house. I hope he enjoys his panel.

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