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November 5, 2011






This was for himself, made from a donated piece of old barn which has a wonderful shape and feel. Again it was sanded and treated before the buzzard silhouette was engraved and varnished which made it much darker. The buzzard was based on a sketch done in the garden from my birdwatching earlier in the day. There are so many buzzards soaring overhead that their cries are a kind of ostinato for the day. At the foot of the panel are the lizards that are so closely associated with this house in my mind that it’s hard for me not to include them in everything. To be fair, I keep herding them out of the house and they keep reappearing so I don’t think I’m just obsessed.

The snake is inevitable as the ones the cat found to play with loom large in memory. Our cat thinks they are lizards and if he bats away at the tail it’ll drop off. Unfortunately he pays no attention to the irate other end.

The plants reflect all the twining plants in the garden and over the house.. To link the elements are the hares and a hidden moon. The effect is tribal and powerful.

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  1. November 16, 2011 11:17 am

    Beautiful drawings & paintings I like the use of wood & slate to incorporate ure work 🙂

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