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November 5, 2011

MEMORY BOARD 2010-2011




This was just for us. The board was left over from our dining room window sill and I liked the shape and grain. It was something that kept intruding on my activities so I ended up carrying it around and putting it in different places until it was clear what it was going to be. Then I sanded and treated it. I did break the sander but it went rather well when I told its rightful owner. Then the board was lightly oiled to bring out the grain.

In the board is a piece of broken pot from the front wall where the cat flap was knocked through. The cat flap is magical. Tiled and slated with enough room for the cats to hold vole parties.

Back to the collage after that refreshing digression. There is a piece of the old slate with lovely lichen and mould on. From the old roof are some of the old slate hooks and a dollop of solder from the new guttering.

The centre that holds everything together is a piece of the vine that smothered the house before it was cleared. There’s a bit of broken wood from an old chair we found in the loft which was such an interesting shape that we kept it. And a buzzard feather from the garden. In fact every element holds memories which lead to other memories.

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